The Cut #HIGID


Bring a high gloss multi channel publication to life, providing an editorial backdrop for live content creation. The hang points in a live layout of fashion, design, multi-media, complete with guests speakers and workshops.   


Letting the simplicity of the brand’s imagery anchor their real world actions. We especially enjoy opportunities to provide the baseline for truly impactful events. Printing on a variety of textures that would be engaged at different scales we helped create a tactile and immersive brand interaction that was a rousing success. That is how we get it done!   

Services Deployed include: Creative, Lamination, Fabrication, Large Format, Digital Printing and Die Cutting. 

Client: Mixed Greens Event Design

We went the extra mile on this one. Texture and surface say as much about technicality as print techniques employed. Varieties of applications also expresses a brand’s versatility and relevance, by sharing ideas that soak in



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